Internet Requirement

Do I need the internet to access the app?

You need the internet for assigning a test, rating a student’s practice, updating marks and getting the latest update on the student’s activity. You do not need the internet to access any content that you have already downloaded. You can also view all the student’s work and information that was updated the last time you were online.

Do students need the internet while they are using the app?

Students need the internet to receive any updates from you like a customized test you assign, the test marks you update and the rating and comments you give on a student’s practice and to submit a test. For doing practice, doing a quiz, accessing Learning Material, doing items on their To Do list and accessing an assigned test, they don’t need the internet. However, students should have downloaded the chapters they want to study when they are online to be able to access the chapters offline.

Can tutors/students use the app if there is no internet?



Learning Material

What does learning material consist of?

Every topic has learning material to explain key concepts and facts. Made up of summary notes, images and videos from across the web and curated by our Subject Matter Experts. These augment the Certified Tutor™ in helping the student to master each topic.

Are the videos in the learning material concept videos?


Is it mandatory for students to watch videos in the tuition class?

It depends on the tutor’s way of teaching. Videos are tools to learn. You and the student get to choose how to use the tools.

These videos seem to be from the internet. Why is that the case?

We have curated the best videos from the internet that explain the concept well. They are free to use and share.

Can I access/get to see Learning content of all the classes and subjects even if I have not opted to teach them?

You can see Learning content of the classes you teach only. 


Practice Questions

What is Smart Practice? What are the advantages?

Smart Practice is the best new way to learn. Our practice engine understands the student's learning gaps and gives the appropriate question at the correct time to optimize student practice time. The student can open any sub chapter on the app and click on "Practice" to start practicing. If the student is struggling with any concept, it is highlighted in the Teach app so that the Certified Tutor™ can brush up the weak concept right away.

How many practice questions are there in each chapter under Smart Practice?

As the questions are rendered real time based on the student’s response, the number of questions will vary for every practice session for every student. We believe in giving the right amount of practice to each student.

Does my student have to attempt questions from both Smart Practice as well as from the school textbook?

We recommend that the student does Smart Practice only as it smartly shows questions from various textbooks based on the conceptual understanding of the student. This way it gives the right amount of practice to each student and saves time.

Can I use worksheets that my students get from their school?

It is a choice you have. However, we recommend using Smart Practice as it will give students the practice they need and save time for you and your students.

I have my own questions that I think are very good. Can I ask the students to use them? How do I upload it in the app?

If you have your own questions, we will be happy to include them in our question bank. You can just send them to us through chat support or

Are there /how do I find higher order/difficult/challenging questions?

Smart Practice gives students challenging questions when they are ready for them. So, you won’t have to worry about finding them.

Are the practice questions graded by levels of difficulty?

The difficulty level of practice questions increases if students are able to solve the easier ones.

How do I get to see all the practice questions and the solutions in the Teach app?

Once the student finishes a Smart Practice session, the questions and the student’s responses appear on the Teach app. You are required to rate each student’s practice out of 5 stars and comment on it.

Is the student expected to respond to practice questions on the app?

The student needs to solve each practice question on the app and then respond if he/she got it right or wrong by looking at the answer.

How will I correct my students’ practice work?

The student works out the questions in his/her notebook.Once the student finishes a Smart Practice session, the questions and the student’s responses appear on the Teach app. You are required to go through the answers and rate each student’s practice out of 5 stars and comment on it.



What purpose does a quiz serve?

Quizzes help students review important information (from previously learned chapters) before forgetting sets in, thus ensuring that this information is retained for a longer period of time. It serves as a regular revision of previously learned chapters/concepts through the spaced repetition technique.

Do I have to assign a quiz to a student at regular intervals?

You cannot assign a quiz to your student


To Do List

What is a To Do List on the Teach app? How does it help me as a tutor? 

The Teach app automatically updates the To Do list to help you focus your time on the tasks you need to complete. It informs you if a student completed a test for which you need to update the marks, or finished a practice session which you need to review and rate. You stay organized with everything you need to do being at one place.

Can I customize the to do list? Can I assign work to the student?

You cannot customize the to do list. You can assign a customized test to the student.

What is the importance of a To Do list in the Learn app for students?

The Learn app automatically updates the To Do list to help every student focus their learning on the tasks they need to complete. It informs the students if a test is assigned by the tutor, or if a quiz is scheduled for them, and if they need to get back to practicing a topic. Students stay organized with everything they need to do being at one place.

Is my To Do list the same as my student’s? Can I see my student’s To Do List?

No, student’s To Do list is different from your student’s. You can only see your own To Do list.

How do I track students’ progress? How do I get to know how many questions/tests/quizzes the student has completed?

You can track the student’s progress by looking at the student’s dashboard. You can also look at your notifications or To Do list to see your student’s work history.


Do you have a pre-test/diagnostic in the app for students to do when they join?

There is a diagnostic test that the students have to take before they join. It is not in the app yet but on a Google form online.

How do I create a test?

Certified Tutors™ can select any combination of chapters and marks for tests. An auto-generated test can then be customized by the tuition teacher, with any question swappable. All tests created by the Certified Tutor™ are saved to the Tests Library for use in future assessments. When assigned, tests appear in the student’s To Do list. After the test is taken, it appears in the Teach app for the tuition teacher to enter marks. When the marks are added, the student is rewarded VCoins.

How do I assign a test to a student?

Just tap “Assign” after you have created the test

Can I choose the total marks and number of questions for the test?

You can choose the total marks. The number of questions is automatically created based on the total marks and board weightage.

How can I customize tests for every student?

Every test you create is customized to a particular student.

How do I update Vidyanext test marks in my app?

As soon as the student finishes the test and submits it, a new to do list item gets created for you under that student to update the marks. You can also update the marks from the student’s dashboard.

Why is it important to update previous and ongoing school test marks on the report card?

Updating school marks helps you track the progress of the student and also helps us become better with this data.

How often are students expected to take Vidyanext tests?

We recommend a test at least every alternate week. The test can be based on subtopics for a chapter or the entire chapter. However, it depends on your teaching methodology. 

Is it mandatory for students to take a Vidyanext test?

It depends on your teaching methodology. If you feel that the student needs to do a test, then you can assign a test to the student and make sure that it is done and marks are updated.

In addition to the questions in the question bank, can I add my own questions to the test I assign to the student?

No. However, if you want your questions added to our content, please let us know.

Can I create a test of my own and assign to students?

Using the Teach app, you create a test that is completely customized by you, and therefore, it is your own.

Where can I see solutions to the test I have created/assigned?

Once the student submits the test, you will be able to see the solutions before you update the marks.


What can I see under notifications?

Under notifications, you can see all the activity history of your students. You can know if they completed a test, a practice session, or a quiz.

How do parents get to see student performance reports?

Parents can use the Parent Buddy app to see the student’s progress and performance.

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