It's the solution to help your children get the kind of results you deserve to see.

A Unique Approach

The key to help students succeed in India is exceptional tutors combined with regular practice and assessment. Our approach helps tutors identify gaps in students’ understanding and deliver more focused and efficient tuitions.

The Vidyanext Advantage:

Intelligent Practice

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered practice engine delivers the right practice questions to achieve results.

In-Person Teaching

Certified tutors build confidence, enforce discipline and clarify doubts better than any computer.

Customised Assessments

Regular revision of previously learnt chapters/concepts through the spaced repetition technique. Practice tests and examinations designed around the student’s academic calendar.

Tuitions made Digital:

Track your Child’s Progress

Our tutors explain difficult concepts, correct practice and tests, and diagnose and fix gaps to ensure students stay on track to achieve their target marks. As a parent, you can track your child’s progress with our new Parent Buddy App.

Parent Buddy App

Students perform better when parents are informed. We make it easy for you to do that with on-demand reporting and Whatsapp-like interface that connects parents, tutors, students and Vidyanext.

Benefits to parents:

Less time spent studying due to intelligent planning

Trained tutors near your home

Videos & text explainers to make concepts clear

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