Vidyanext has three tuitions offerings. Approximate costs are given, though they vary by area.
Contact us for a FREE diagnostic test. Once your child completes the test, we will use the results to recommend a package. 

  1. Home Tuitions
    A Vidyanext Certified Tutor will visit your home and teach your child 1:1.
    Approximately ₹400-500 INR per hour.
  2. Partner Tuitions
    Your child visits the home of a Vidyanext Certified Tutor for groups tuitions.
    Approximately ₹2000 INR per subject per student per month.
  3. Centre Tuitions (limited regional availability)
    Your child visits a Vidyanext Centre for group tuitions in a 1:5 ratio.
    Approximately ₹15,000 INR per student per term.
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